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About Sinec and our team

Electronics assembly is a competitive business; at Sinec we have envisioned a competitive assembly environment for your technological products. Our commitment is to have educated, trained and qualified personnel in every step of the process.

The achievement of this goal ensures that quality is built into the process, not as something passive but as a core reflection of our environment.


With manufacturing knowledge derived and acquired from some of the most demanding technology sectors in the world, we strive to be a reliable and long-term partner for our customers. In technology development the speed of things and time to market can take on unprecedented challenges. It is important to have a focused solutions partner in order to overcome these challenges. With services ranging from assembly of PCBs and wire harnesses, education, design and development to testing and box build we can be your ally each step of the way.

Education and Training

Productivity, quality and profit are intrinsically tied to a workforce that has a deeper understanding of the production process. A workforce that has advanced reasoning abilities will undoubtedly give your production process a quality advantage.
Our IPC Training and Certifications division is dedicated to creating these reasoning abilities in your workforce. The training courses cover everything from process implementation, control and auditing to final product qualification. We can help your workforce become competitive.


To create and manufacture electronic products of high prestige with a team of creative and professional staff, with the main goal of creating the vision, idea and design of our customers, on reliable quality products and also promoting the wellbeing of our staff.


To contribute to the global community education on technological processes and technological developments as united consciousness will transcend space and time for a better human experience.


Objectivity – To work with the elements that are real and concrete at every moment, not with elements that are of subjective opinion or influenced by others or own personal emotions.

Civic Spirit - We endorse and believe in a civic-minded consensus inside and outside our work environment.

Perseverance - The only thing that is a constant in life is that everything will and must change, we will be fearless in leading these changes positively on our behalf and on behalf of our customers.

Equity - Every member of our company consciously will bring their best ability, virtue, knowledge and vision, elements that ensure the well being with our customers, and consequently they will receive a fair recognition that will give them transcendence.

Quality Policy

Sinectech is committed on providing electronic cards with the highest quality of a world-class company through continuous improvement processes achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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